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Why CORE Wealth Advisors

Cost: While there are many factors one cannot control when investing, costs certainly can be curtailed. At CORE Wealth Advisors, we believe in using low cost investment vehicles. We are a fee-based firm. As a fee-based firm, we represent our clients and their interests when delivering financial advice and guidance. We are compensated by our clients in the form of an annual advisory fee.

Ongoing Commitment: Trust, Honesty and Integrity. We value our clients and in turn are committed to understanding their every need and goal. In order for a client to join CORE Wealth Advisors, typically it will consist of three appointments. First, clients will get to know us and the firm. Secondly, we will meet for an exploratory appointment. During this appointment, we will fully understand our client's goals, needs, risk tolerance, wealth transfer strategies, values and all that is important to our client. In the third appointment, we will present our solution and recommendation. We look at all aspects of the portfolio from risk, returns and cost to ensure our clients are appropriately positioned.

Relationship: We believe it is essential to understand our clients from the beginning as well as throughout the relationship. Too many 'advisors' are working with hundreds of clients and therefore don't have adequate time to dedicate to each one. This results in one feeling like a number, instead of a valued client. We will limit the number of clients at our firm to 60-70 clients for each advisor. By limiting the number of clients, we can ensure that we create and maintain deep and lasting relationships.

Expertise: Combined Joby and Brad have been advising clients in the financial services industry for over 42 years. Most recently, both were employed as Account Executives with Fidelity Investments. Joby was with Fidelity for over 14 years while Brad was with Fidelity over 11 years. This has allowed them to gain valuable insight to help clients achieve their financial goals.