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Investment Philosophy

CORE Wealth Advisors believes in developing deep and trusting relationships with each and every client. We understand the importance of every client's unique situation. We believe that it is best to spend the extra time with each client up front so that we fully understand each client's scenario. In return, this allows us to set proper expectations and develop the appropriate investment strategy.

Also, we believe in using low cost investment vehicles. As we are compensated by our clients, not by the product we sell, we may select from a wide array of investments. The majority of our portfolios will consist of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) because of the extremely low costs when compared to the fees of actively managed mutual funds.

We are firm believers that every portfolio should be actively monitored and managed. This includes analyzing current positions, future positions and current market conditions. Many investors simply don't have the time, resources or energy to properly manage and rebalance their own portfolios. At CORE Wealth Advisors, this is not only our passion, but our job.